Feel like being part of a different century ever... wake up wanting to dress and act like a character from the 70's show with all the laughter that goes along with it ..

Well thats what happened to us when we took a trip down centennial lane a few weeks ago ..

On shoot, we meet a spanish friend who is the owner of a wonderful vintage shop he helped us a little with some creative direction .. what a laugh he was lunging his way around the store, so real and passionate! Europeans just allure a fashion like no other, inside and out!

Showing us that by having a light hearted attitude, being open minded & sharing true emotion, good things will happen.

Courtney's vintage love inspired this shoot we collaborated together to get you buzzing on what vibe gets your gears going...

70's Grimme 

Have fun with fashion & your own expression no rules
Jewellery featured
By: Taiga Rose
Crystal Baby Headpiece
Fringed Crystal Choker
Amazonite Raw Rings
Citrine Cluster Ring
Leather Cuff
Vintage Collection: Courtney Franz
Photography : Rosie Cranshaw
Generations can clash like opinions but when one person talks we hope the other person listens with respect no matter the age.
We learn
We live
We grow
Rock Fight Dark Emotions Fear Loneliness Respect Passion Truth
Groovy Fight Light Believe Love Embrace Respect Passion Peace