In todays world we are given names of what group we belong too 

Its for other earthlings to understand us and what we are about. 

They like to categories us, into bubbles of beings so its more organised and they know what to expect, it can make us feel calm. The thing with that is expectations is a misconception that we are all trying to shift.

I guess if your reading this we must be in the same bubble

This doesn't mean that we are the same, nor that we have the same intentions or that we will always see things through the same kaleidoscope.

But what it does mean is that we are connected, somehow and that is beautiful. Life is beautiful.. Filled with connection & love.

Creating a life you love comes from creativity, doing things that make you feel alive, like using your body, using your mind, being whole within yourself. 

awaken your spirit with movement and creative concept.

From out of the mundane comes the excitement 

from the fear comes the joy

and from the movement comes vitality 

and from vitality comes energetic stimulation

and by being stimulated we stimulate creativity 

and we think outside the box

And well it can be contagious , even aura attracting.

some people have this line they use on themselves "I'm just not creative"

The thing is you are ! Everyone is! You were created to be creative in your thinking, in your doing & in your being.

What i want is for us all to understand, download this into your mind

Is that its time to quit with all the restrictions...

Just do it , Jump from bubble to bubble. Who cares if its not in your character code you have created you are allowed to be who you want to be. 

Try doing something that you would love to do, something that you have never done or something that you have had popping up in your mind that you might like to try,  The key is not to try too hard ... it takes the fun out of it & its loses its natural flow.

So just go with the flow and take a mental note to yourself that you enjoyed it.

That you are in fact an alive, fun and energetic being 

Create a life you love, Just start by being creative...

#creative #bubblebeings #quitrestrictions #individuality 

This creative shoot was a collaboration with the Goddesses at Eye of Horus Cosmetics

All the wonderful humans are listed below

Makeup: Eye of Horus Cosmetics, Model: Kiarna Ryan, H&MU :Teegs from Manik the hair studio, Jewellery & Crown: Taiga Rose, Photography:Josh Hedge, Styling: Cait Proven & Rosie Cranshaw, Clothing: Tree Of Life