Affirmation Necklaces



Affirmation meaning the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." More specifically, an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.


Each necklace comes in a little bag with a 

Crystal Card & Affirmation

You will also receive a stick of incense , this is for you when you first meet your new crystal friend, I encourage you to take some time to say hello..

Now this can be done as a meditation or as simple as a afternoon stroll in nature. Its a time to connect , hold your new little friend between your fingers. Express yourself ...

"I acknowledging where i am in my life, I am open to divine guidance and the love that you are willing share with me ,  I am open to my highest potential of self growth and I ask you to share this journey with me.

I surrender to accept and part with what no longer serves me, I am a continual being of light & love.

Crystals don't fix us , Crystals guide us,

It is always you that is making your world better, Energetically they support us by encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves in this very moment, not looking to far ahead or looking to far behind, acknowledging how we are , and who we are right now. Be the energy you wish to receive.

They assist us in our vibrations, when we vibrate higher we attract similar vibrations.

Just like Bad food makes you feel bad & Good food makes you feel good

Its the same Bad Energy can make you feel Bad 

Good Energy can makes you feel Good 

Aknowleging how and why we are acting and reacting the way we are is ultimately something we must change for ourselves, energetically we want to feel good so we can spread that goodness with others. 

Embracing our imperfections , with growth & optimisum 

Daily affirmations can be very helpful, Crystals can be very helpful, Exercise can be very helpful, Healthy eating can be very helpful.

Be grateful with your surroundings and take each and everyday as it comes, Be Open, Surrender  & Greet everything with Love.



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