Self Care Kits


Self care 

Comes down to the simple act “to care for oneself” ...

The only block is that sometimes what can be

so simple ... can be lost in translation...

You may have already noticed that as a collective we share energy & that by knowing all energy is connected “as we are one”

This very valuable lesson is gifted to us all

So we can deeply realise we are one big family of beings on this earthly plane that can connect together anytime energeticly. 

Now this is beautiful but we must also use this time 

to become responsible for our own energy 

- When we are aware of our own frequency

- When we are energeticly responsible


When we are able to tap into our power - we are able to realise that we have it within ourselves to honour our light & shade with love for all that is unconditionally.

And this process is just so so very transformative. 

 And we have the power to do so. 



When we don’t know who’s energy is who‘s we run the risk to pick up all kinds of uneasy energy - stress - anxiety- that is just not ours & we can also run the risk of sharing / projecting what is our own fears onto the ones we LOVE.


This energetic accumulation of fear can be filtered and transformed into love  - If we gift ourselves the time to do so through energetic responsibility. 



So each day we have a choice to tune into our soul selves

 - to open the door to the temple of our hearts ... & to acknowledge what is coming up for ourselves not just for us but for the collective.


And it is with this conscious awareness that we can begin to shift our consciousness from from fear to love. 


When we can sit with it all and see what is ours & what is just not ...By simply just holding space for whatever arrives and seeing it for what it is in love and compassion ... Its a Game Changer x 

We can then 

Begin to let go of what is no longer serving us

We can raise our vibrations by practicing gratitude for what is 🤍

We can begin to realise and release all that is not ours with love & compassion.


This my friends is such a powerful daily tool 


So yes lots of info ... 

So where does using these crystals fit in ? 


Well think of these crystals as your energetic buddys 

to hang out with you during times of deep transformation to help you find acceptance & peace within.

Use your crystals to assist you energeticly 

To encourage

rest - reset - reaffirm where your at with a sense of collective togetherness x