Let yourself feel free to express your spirit, love, light & beauty through your energy & individuality. 

    I've been living in Byron Bay for 8 years now, And it has been the ultimate creative platform anyone could ask for, As artists we are constantly challenged by the original community we live in, And that is why so much magic surfaces from byron bay, a spiritual place with a natural lust for individualism.
    I like to think of crystals as a consistent affirmation of self talk and soul support. An energetic tool to increase positivity in your world. 
    And that is why I have chosen to work with crystals.
    I believe it starts with Self Care 
    Present day living
    Self awareness
    So that is why I do what I do ..... Simple but True
    Im here to spread love & happiness to one soul at a time. 
    Love , Light & Magic 
    Rosie Cranshaw
    Owner & Designer 
    Taiga Rose