Share the gift of Vitality & Free Spirited Energy.


Peacock Ore " Energitic vibrations" removing negativity, it helps stimulate vitality after a busy day.

Amazonite "Speak from your heart" Sharing from the heart and communicating your inner truth.

Fuchsite "Let your heart & mind connect" the healers stone, it improves self worth and it connects the heart with the mind.

Quartz "Amplify your energy " get clarity of your thoughts for focusing and connecting. Allowing you to filter through your mind, giving a clear direction on what your thinking and why.

Sacred Cowrie Shell "the force of feminine connection"It has been a symbol of the goddess and it is connected with the strength of the ocean. It is believed to give fertility and sexual potency.

Rose Quartz "feel,find and give unconditional love" give and receive unconditional love with your community,friends & environment.

Blue Kyanite "Get your energy flowing " for the alignment of all your chakras.

Turquoise "Become compassionate and forgiving" by embracing all parts of yourself you shine your truth & your wholeness of self with the world .

Orange Calcite "Embrace your sexuality" gifting our thoughts with positivity and joy, allowing our emotions to heal and feel loved.

Blue Calcite "feel as calm as the ocean" a healing stone giving us gentle loving energy.

Amethyst "a gift from the gods" the power of amethyst generates change in our minds and connects our spirits to a divine connection great for generating positive changes in ones worlds.

Citrine "create a life you love" a creative approach In living your life. Bringing in love and abundance with yourself & with others.

Aventurine "When one is lost in self doubt" warm loving confidence for you and your journey. An Optimistic stone useful for Shining light on a zestful life.