Energy is a gift that we are given to live out our days with joy love and intention.

Find your Vitality in your Spirit and let it shine on.

This collection was pieced together with the intention of love , truth and the feeling of waking up alive , energetic & connected to life. 

Our mind makes a lot of the decisions these days we must learn that it is not the boss of our all our being & it must take a turn in the back seat.

Listen to your

Spirit :

Body :

Mind :

By recognising that you are letting your feelings flow from a heart felt space you allow your true self to shine.

Finally our emotions will get the attention they need.. Healing them and Filling them with joy and happy intentions. Not Fear and Judgement.

Let energy & vitality into your spirit.

It is then when you will find peace and good intention within yourself,  that you can then truly embrace the journey of your love ones with a connection that is truer than true a reflection of you. 


Vitality Photoshoot

Model : Chela Shahar

Photographer : Cinzia Gaia 

Jewellery & Crowns : Taiga Rose

Styling : Rosie Cranshaw

Artwork : Racheal pietzsch