Angelic Abundance Necklace

You are forever supported 

You love life 

You strive for abundance 

You give first to receive 

You are a seed 

You are a child of the universe 

Spreading kindness & Joy where you go

Your life is sacred 

You choose confidently 

You are guided by your higher self 

You are free to embrace & empower 

Yourself & Others




Natural citrine is strong and pure bringing you 


Soft power 

Aura attracting 

Abundance welcoming 

Gentle goddess energy.


Hung from braided leather , wrapped in brass and leather 

falling from the pendant is chains of plated brass chain with herkimer diamond quartz crystals used for energetic detox

and positive vibrations.


Set this goddess crystal with healing intentions & positive affirmations for best results 💫✨🙌🏼





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