Aquamarine & Grandmother moon necklace

Hello ✨

I’m aquamarine- im here with my friend grandmother moon.

I’m pretty stoked about hanging out together- she gets me - she understands me - she see’s me 🌱
I love to understand myself and I help you to do that too - im also great at finding peace within and i love help removing judgement - you see I help activate your voice - I give you back the power to speak your truth and express your self authentically 🌱🌹 Wear me when you are around those who you may feel like you struggle to be yourself - learn it’s not them who needs to accept & understand you ~ it’s you 🌹🌱 Learn it’s not always them who is judging situations ... learn that it might also be you ... I’m here to help you Let go ... and flow 💚

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