Barefoot Bohemian Necklace

Free your mind from the shadows of self doubt 

in a world where we must be the change we seek, work with the beautiful energy of blue calcite and aquamarine to purify and calm your mind body & soul.

Take time out to connect with spirit

Let the gentle nourishing soft healing energy wash over you ...

break free from city mantality , ignite your free spirit , spread love and joy with all you meet.

Barefoot, wild and free of worries. 

Blue calcute for intuition,  gentle and calm energy

 Aquamarine for promoting self courage and purifying your energy

A beautiful feather pendant as a reminder to follow your authentic journey.

Chakra: Throat 

Affirmation: “My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly” ~ mind, body ,green.


Create a life you love .... start by nourishing your mind , body & soul 


One of a kind necklace ❤️ 

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