Blue kyanite drop earrings


Blue Kyanite :

Let it flow, Opening & Aligning all your chakras 

Blue Kyanite is a stone of channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations. It gives protection during these states. It brings loyalty, honesty and tranquility, and diminishes anger and confusion. Kyanite does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. It does align and balance all chakras, often very suddenly. Kyanite can remove energy blockages. 

“Aliveness is energy. It’s the juice, the vitality, and the passion that wakes up our cells every morning. It’s what makes us want to dance. It’s the energy that moves a relationship from the status quo to something grander and much more expansive, something that makes our hearts beat faster, our minds and our eyes open wider, than ever before. Everything is of interest to a person who is truly alive, whether it’s a challenge, a loving moment, a bucket of grief, or a glimpse of beauty.” ~ Daphne Rose Kingma


I let life flow through me in rhythm with life itself.

Raw blue kyanite earrings come in unique pairs ~

^We do try to get them to match as a pair as much as we can but genuinely as each crystal is one of a kind they will never end up looking exactly the same as each other.



Made to order x

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