Chakra Necklace

Delicate drops of magic ✨

The chakra necklaces are little crystal pendants hung from brown cotton in a 50cm length.

Wrapped in either brass or silver wire. 

7th Crown : Amethyst : I understand : Meditation : Intuition

6th Third Eye : Blue Lapis : I know : Meditation : Psychic 

5thThroat: Turquoise / Blue Howlite : I speak : Speech : Communication

4th Heart: Rose Quartz : I Love : Love :  Universal oneness

4th Heart: Adventurine : I Love : Spiritual Love : Compassion 

3rd Solar Plexus Carnelian : I do :  Energising : Charging 

2nd Sacral: Orange Calcite : I Feel : Sexual power : Physical 

1st Root: Jasper : I am : Grounding : Focusing : Centring 



If if you have a personal preference please write that in notes section or flick us a email we are super friendly and willing to help.

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