Citrine Warrior Large | Long

Large Citrine pendant, wrapped brass & set in resin. Hung from a thick brass chain threaded with kangaroo leather. Designed to sit below your heart on your manicure chakra. 

If you Need to revitalize your mind, enhance your concentration and get excited about life? Citrine is for you! Note: Citrine is one of the stones that does not require cleansing.

Let the light sparkle all day .. Infecting your spirit with a magical loving energy.

Please Note: this citrine is heat treated amethyst , however now the colour of this crystal represents citron so it is also called citrine.

It's a perfect match for our solar plexus chakra, This citrine holds a special spot in my heart as its the stone that brought me out of my shell & gave me the gift I share with you today. personally still love this crystal citrine heat treated or not as it has been a great guide during my energetic journey.

Choosing crystals because of there colour & vibration is important.

And it is always harder to do this online, but please know that these crystals have been cleansed and set with my higher intention to spread warm loving light into your sun spirit.

Feel free to email me or contact me before purchase so you can help choose your piece.

Reminding you that it is up to you to create a life you love.

Spread light and love

Enjoy your journey.