Deep SIA necklace

Deep SIA 


Is for the one who contemplates life on a deeper level , wanting to enhance there leadship skills and intuition while inspiring others with

your Inner imagination & desire to communicate and connect with your spiritual nature.

Using this powerful laser Quartz with pure intentions will be the essence to connect with others on a deeper level .... living out your visions to create a life you love. 


I breathe in light , to heal 

I breathe in air , to purify 

I am connected 

I am one 

I am connected to all 



Large powerful laser Quartz pendant.

Hung on short braided leather , hung from it is two herkimer diamond crystals and one rutilated Quartz pendants 

This one has sold , you are welcome to pre order this necklace just allow 10days minimum for order to be completed. 

From all inquiries & questions please email

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