Earth Magic Necklace


Unlock the secrets of art through fantasy

Earth Magic 

Teaches us that not all that we see exists 

and not all that is unseen can be experienced

That we are more than physical 

And may we continue to grow through love light and illumination.

You see there is more to our journey then the story of you and I

There is magic all around us

waiting for us to unlock it

You have the same power available to you as the fairies do.

Tales from times long ago, there are stores to be told and treasures to be found.


Connected with the energy of Faerie love and magic - With the intention to release from you what has been hidden , it will unlock your hearts secrets and it will vibrate love and blessings to those you meet.

You will be guided to gift the earth with gratitude and love in all you do.


Long Necklace 70cm

Hung from a single satin brown thread.

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