Earth Wand Necklace


Calling all Heart Healers

This wand is for you designed to guide you and your clients into a love vibration.

Guided by love that is Gifted by the Earth

Kyanite doesn't hold negative energy 

Used as a healing stone of the heart - aligning and realigning oneself and others into a love vibration.

Green Kyanite never holds negative energy and clears negative energy of other stones, spaces and people

Green Kyanite aligns all of the Chakras, but it is most known for its ability to balance the Heart Chakra. It helps one heal through the connection to nature by absorbing energy from the Earth.

Green Kyanite helps one look within the heart of another to see what truly motivates them. Therefore, it would be very useful for therapists and psychic readers. It helps look through the person’s actions and words to view who they are beneath the surface to unearth their true nature.

Green Kyanite opens the High Heart Chaka.


75cm length

Hung on Braided mushroom coloured waxed cotton.

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