I am LOVE Necklace


Let genuine compassion for self and others open your heart to life’s true beauty.

When you are open to love you let life in , you act more authenticly.  Allowing love to naturally flow through you and the cycle of love can continue. 

I often refer to rose like wearing a hug, it is a crystal for genuine compassion & unconditional fluffy love vibes.

Known for its harmonious energy , creating a calming vibe that can help if you suffer from anxiety. 


Worn to attract love

Worn when one needs to fill there love cup

Worn to soften your heart and open you up to the wonders of the world with Love and Gratitude.



I am love

I continue to let love flow through me

I am open to the magic of the world


Raw Rose quartz pendant hung on a 

75cm threaded kangaroo leather strap 

Strap can also be used as a bracelet or use to carry any other Taiga Rose large pendants.



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