I am Nuturing necklace


Filled with the kindness of pink chalcedony.

I am inspired to nurture and be nutured, pink chalcedony brings us the gift of soft compassion.

Channeling the Love within you to heal the bad vibes within us all.

Heal our anger, Heal our frustration & Heal our jealousy.

Emit love to those you meet

through heart honesty

through forgiveness

through gratitude

through acceptance

without judgment

fear , separation, isolation.

We are all one


May we gently be reminded to live life softly , to live in a space of gentle compassion to sing, dance, laugh and rejoice in gratitude for being able to exist and participate in the circus of earth.

With love and light 

Seek what is needing to be told, listen and respond.


I am Nurtured 

I am Nurturing


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