Labradorite necklace

Hi Yo’ll
So nice to meet you
My names Labradorite
Once you work with me you never wanna leave me ...
Sorry I’m not very modest- I know myself well and that’s what I gift you too.

Individuals who seek originality and outside of the box living ... often Aquarian’s and Aries work well with my energy - as I’m for those who are not afraid to be seen as themselves-
I tend to give you interesting and inspiring yet insightful guidance ... We work together to get you back in sync with your inner knowing by celebrating what is already within you .
I’m literally here to activate and celebrate YOU 🙌🏼🕯 So if your looking at connecting with your spirit guides, If you looking for inspiration else where - well why not choose me - let me be the one to remind you • that you are the wisdom you seek • 🕯🙌🏼🙏🏽 If I’m the one for you - you’ll know - Trust in that 🙌🏼 See you soon pal 😉

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