Lapis lazuli necklace

Oh heeey
I’m Lapis lazuli
I’m all about that mental strength and decisiveness .
I love helping you trust your instincts and because I know your wiser than you think!
So i’m here to remind you to trust your intuition and to use your wise self to make sure you stay on track.

I’m here to give you protection and mental freedom- ease your worrys because i can simplify your mental chatter 🌛

Im a perfect companion for anyone wanting to learn to trust themselves- im a great pal while travelling , meditating or studying.

I’m connected to your third eye 👁
I look forward to meeting my new friend soon ... I trust that you will know we belong together x
If you keep thinking about me - im probably your new bff x

Until then
be wise my loves 🌍


Gold plated Turkish chain 

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