Moon Opal Quartz Ring

Moon opal Quartz , has a yin energy about it ..Associated with the right hemisphere of the brain, this energy engages your feelings and intuition, is active when creating intimacy with another person, using your imagination, and being at peace with what is. 

So If you have a Yin deficiency (excess of Yang energy) you may have Anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration, overly controlling, feeling burnt out, anger, aggressiveness, feeling overly competitive, feeling overwhelmed and agitated, overly confident, inability to relax, and overly critical and judgmental.

When we cut ourselves off from the Yin/feminine energy we lose our ability to fluidly move and adapt to our circumstances, be receptive to others, and connect with our creative inspiration.  Instead of feeling peaceful and rested throughout our day, we become rigid, agitated and overextended.  There is a feeling of continutally needing to keep moving and keep doing. 

Moon Opal Quartz – This crystal has been enhanced with pure platinum; the molecules adhere to the natural electric charge which surrounds the quartz. The properties of quartz and platinum together produce a very intense energy. Which cleanses the aura and stimulates the chakras.

It has a frosted appearance and bluish white glow from scattered light, so it looks like the Moon. It can be used to harness its energies, set intentions based on its monthly cycle, Connecting us to our lunar spiritual beings.

Every crystal has a unique energy, please navigate to one your visual & energetically drawn too.

Use your intuition , please contact me if you would like to see what shapes and sizes I have left x



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