Orange Kyanite on waxed cotton

You are a creative being 

In your destruction, you are a creative 

use this passion wisely,  don't let the guilt creep in

become constructive and become creative.


Orange Kyanite is a powerful creative tool 

a muse for creativity, a sacred tool for healing and working with the sacral chakra. 

Also kyanite is one of the only crystals that doesn't need cleansing , so it is great for energy work. 

It also carrys with it a higher vibration to help you lift up and move through into your new found self that has been waiting for you all along, to look back and smile at yourself in the mirror and say i love you all of you ! Your passion your fire i love it all! 


"Orange Kyanite is an excellent energy tool that comes primarily from Tanzania. While it will align all the chakras, it is particularly good for working with the Second, Svadisthana, Sacral Chakra. It can help us perceive the root of our pleasures and desires and bring Light and creativity to bring them into our lives in a positive manner. Orange Kyanite is a super tool to enhance all types of creativity whether it be in creating art, the way you work with people, or any other place creative thinking is used. Orange Kyanite is said in crystal healing lore to help with sexual problems, bladder, bowel problems, depression, and fertility."