Quartz Trio Sterling Silver

Crystals are a reminder that you are more than your human form.


Amplify your life with the vitality of clear quartz. 


The clear quartz trio is a powerful piece , as you can use it to set your new intentions , which can be done anytime but it is especially powerful during the New Moon or Full Moon. 

To do this hold your crystal in your hand and visualise white light  cleansing an clearing your crystals with new energy. 

After your crystals are extra sparkly , then whisper to them what it is you would like to change or what is it that you would like to welcome in ... 

E.g. Thank you clear quartz for coming on this journey with me , i would love your divine guidance to assist me with more positive thoughts which will lead to me having more positive experiences. 

Thank you , i am open to welcoming positive changes into my life. 

All crystals can be infused with intentions however Quartz is a very powerful crystal for this as it works with your crown chakra  ~ higher guidance & expansion. 


I am clear in my thoughts

I am connected to my higher self 

I only welcome in situations that nourish my spirit. 


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