Rebirth into LOVE Necklace


Welcome in the dirt

When i say this i mean accept that love isn't all open roses, sometimes the rose can die and it is with total acceptance that the love can heal the rose.

The Love cycle will eb and flow between Love, Hate ,Jealousy , Self sabotage.

By listening to our love song, by crying , singing , dancing you can rejuvenate your heart time & time again.

Just listen your way through it & take action with love.

Start with a simple act of kindness with full acceptance of the self & others.

Giving can be the greatest gift you will ever receive.


Let yourself repair and rise up 

Rejoice in Love

Rejoice in the REBIRTH OF LOVE 

 And Remember

Love is repairable you can bring kindness back into your soul self with sweet soft gentle understanding.


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