Amethyst Warrior Necklace Long

Feel the Amethyst Magic

When one needs to tune into oneself and find a safe place , the power of an amethyst will help bring calm and transform negitive energy into positive energy.

Helps with decision making and strength and well being.

⌬ Amethyst MEANING: Peace ⌬
Core properties: Protection, purification, healing, Divine connection, release of addictions and aids one to curb indulgence. Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra, aids mediation, assists one to still their thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness. Mentally, it calms the brain, enhances memory and aids in decision making. The stone wards off negativity; dispels anger, rage, fear, anxiety and can alleviate sadness and grief.

This piece is beautiful, Its a long necklace.

The brass chain used is slightly weighted as its been threaded with kangaroo leather.

The amethyst pendant used is medium in size wrapped in brass wire & set in resin.

This Necklace is 50cm in length

However if you would prefer a change in length please note it in the notes section at the check out.

My intention is to fill each piece i make with peace, love & light

Please allow for the size and shape of the Amethyst stone to vary as no crystal is the same as the next xx

Start by living a life of Divine Connection


This stunning piece can be made to order x

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