Self Care ~ Single Rose Quartz





1 x Rose Quartz crystals 

with an individual soul message 

& affirmation. 

1 white candle to set with and intention 

to light during transformative times . 


May your crystals become your energetic buddys

May you hang out with them during times of deep transformation to help you find acceptance & peace within.

May your crystals assist you energeticly 

To encourage

rest - reset - re affirm where your at with a sense of togetherness x

Rose Quartz gift is to bring us forgiveness love and compassion.

Openess to respond from a place of acceptance & peace.




I accept the challenges ahead for my highest good

I accept all i am unbecoming

To allow space for all that  I Already AM 

with acceptance, love & compassion 

To be seen just as I Am 

in LOVE 

with love 


Let it be so x 

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