The Healing sol Journal


The Healing Sol Journal 


Take yourself into silence 

Still your mind of fear & free it by empowering yourself through mindfulness & forgiveness

Lift your positivity & empower the self through honouring your strengths and seeking your truth and let your inner power return. 

when you greet your journal honour it with a meditation.

After set your intentions before you start on this healing journey, ask for soul support 

Sunstone has the gift of bringing joyous energy , shifting stress into harmony. Aiding with depression & fear based blockages. Igniting you with vitality as they have a strong solar energy, and they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun.


Working along side it this orange / peach calcite. Calcite itself is used for clearing all chakrasjourna

Orange/ Peach calcite works in helping with the bottom three chakras, shifting us out of depression, by treating stress & releasing trauma. And lifting self value & inner sol strength. 

calcite is teaching us to blend the energies of the mind with the heart.  In personal meditations it helps to link the heart with the mind, for understanding and healing of the self. Though feeling and conscious perception with loving action.

Use this as a healing journal or as a special book

It's designed to fit an A4 120page lesson book , this journal is reusable ... simply once you have finished book ,  undo the leather ... remove the book , replace & retire the leather, feel free to replace leather if needed. 

The journal Has 3 stones set into the front of it

2 -are Sunstones

1 -orange/peach calcite 

Then it is bound together with leather that has been treated. To have a worn look.

Made with unconditional  love 

With an intention of self development 

By replacing destructive behaviour with creative outcomes. 

Making steps towards creating a life you love. 





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